- Zeiss lumera operating microscope: With automatic zoom, x-y coupling and LED light source
- BIOM system: Macular and Wide field non contact retinal surgical viewing system
- VOLK contact lenses: Macular and wide field contact retinal surgical viewing system
- Vitrectomy system: High speed (7500 cpm) micro guage (25g) retinal surgical system with
phacoemulsification cataract surgery compatibility
- Phacoemulsification system: State of art micro incision phacoemulsification cataract surgical system
with COLD PHACO (minimum energy) and ELLIPS FX ( elliptical cutting for
hard/advanced cataracts) technology
- Cryo machine: Sub zero temperature freezing
- Live HD camera: Live surgical transmission and recording
- Boyle's trolly: General anaesthesia equipment
- External automatic air compressor: Automatic vacuum generation for retinal surgical system
- ETO machine, autoclave, fumigators, air purifiers: Sterilisation/disinfection equipments
- OT tables: Fully automatic operating tables

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