Our Core Concepts

Best in class technology :

With extremely fast paced advancements in ophthalmic care technology we strive and assure to be at par with the latest and best machinery in the market. As a matter of fact ophthalmology has seen the biggest advancements in technology in the past 15 years among all medical specialities.

Superspeciality eye care

With ophthalmology becoming a highly diverse medical speciality, we are committed in providing subspeciality eye care like vitreoretinal surgery, oculoplasty, cataract etc by trained surgeons in their respective area of expertise. NO jack of all master of none business.


With superspecialised eye care becoming more and more advanced and technologically dependant, its becoming more and more non affordable with each passing day. We at Modi eye care group assure our patients world class eye care at the most affordable cost. Its not just a statement, its a promise.

Community Outreach

Having performed more than 50,000 free of cost eye surgeries in the past 15 years, we strive to take a step furthur and screen/treat the whole population of our region with a strategically designed community outreach programme. If you cant come to us, we ll come to your doorstep.

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