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Hello friends,

This a very heartfelt message I am penning down today. Since childhood I have been watching people from our region forced to travel down south for treatment of simple eye disorders. I really thought that something special was going on in that part of the country. So i decided to travel down south for my medical education, opportunities etc. After having spent almost a decade and half in the most reputed eye institutes in south India, I realised that they were not doing anything different, they are rather doing the same things differently. By differently I mean systematically, rationally and most importantly their emphasis on "Team Work". "Team Work" is what sets apart institutes from private clinics. No one person however good he or she maybe can do or accomplish everything. Furthur in my quest I decided to take the next step. After clearing FRCS ophthalmology(Glasgow,UK), I was offered a job at one of the NHS centres in southern part of United Kingdom. But again I realised that they too were not doing anything different, they were also doing the same things differently. Their emphasis on quality over quantity was something never seen before for me. Quality in medical services delivery, quality in lifestyle of medical personnels, quality in medical research and education, quality in infrastructure etc etc. But then I realised what if we replicate this back home for our people. Because its sad for them to travel thousands of miles for simple medical needs in 21st century. So to furthur the dream my father and I saw once, we decided to bring back the philosophy of "team work" and "quality over quantity" to our land which led us to establish "Modi eye care group" with a vision to bring how things are done differently in other so called better parts of our country and the world right here right now. With this philosophy, hopefully we ll be able to make a difference.

Thanking you,
Dr. Aditya Modi

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