SCMC (Surgical Complications Management Clinic)

With comprehensive services (all superspecialities including surgical retina support) available in our hospital, no patient has to suffer because of any mishappening during or after their cataract surgery. Following are the common possible complications which are treated at our hospital

1. Intraocular lens (IOL) displacement : managed with refixation/explantation and scleral fixated IOL (SFIOL) implantation
2. IOL drop
3. Nucleus (natural lens) drop: managed with 23 guage stitchless phacofragmentation technique
4. Aphakia (no lens in the eye):
5. Retinal detachment post cataract surgery: managed with buckling/vitrectomy retinal surgery
6. TASS (toxic anterior segment syndrome)
7. Endophthalmitis (infection in the eye) post cataract surgery: managed with prompt surgical intervention and intravitreal injections.
8. IOL fixation without natural support : Managed with Novel technique of stitchless glueless flapless scleral fixated IOL (SFIOL) implantation
9. Pseudophakic CME (Central retina swelling after cataract surgery): Managed with painless intravitreal injections
10. Posterior capsular opacity (membrane behind IOL): Managed with Nd Yag laser assisted membranectomy

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